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Testimonials from Our Condensed & Weekend Courses

"THANK YOU SO MUCH! YOU MADE LEARNING SO MUCH FUN! I will truly use these skills for the rest of my life. I never dreamed that I could increase my reading speed by 7 times with equal comprehension. Being able to read things that I may not be completely engaged in super quick and still understand the material. Thanks again!"
- Noah

"Honestly, the note-taking/recall techniques I learned will help me most because I am a student. It increased my confidence while reading faster and it will help me have a clear head when processing information under pressure."
- Elizabeth P.

"Hi Bonnie! I just wanted to follow up with you. I passed the Ohio Bar Exam, and I think your tips really helped me get through all of the questions efficiently. Also, on the “Dublin Moms In The Know” Facebook group, a parent was asking about ARC and I highly recommend your class. "
- A.O.

"I gained confidence in the ability to read and recall from different types of materials. I now have tactics to increase recall versus spending time reading. Bonnie is a great teacher--she uses multiple styles and can even read faces to know when something does not make sense!"
- Ross B.

"It definitely required me to unlearn what behaviors and approaches I had used the last 40 years. With so much electronic/print data to go through in a short time one has to trust that reading word by word is not required to capture the content and context."
- Richard K.

"I think the technical techniques will be the most useful moving forward. I like the examples of how to apply the techniques learned to resumes, meetings and class room work and testing. The linear recall is what I will use the most."
- Karen J.

"I LOVED IT!! It helped me a bunch!"
- Z. Montroy, Hartland HS

"Everyone says there is never enough time in the day, and this course is going to give me hours back daily. Studying for a certificate exam has been overwhelming until now."
- K. Holzer, Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

"Dear Bonnie James, I have always loved to read but now I can get through all the homework faster and have more time to read and hang out with my family. I have really learned a lot from your class. …I started at 110 wpm and now I am at 2,661 wpm. Thank you so much for your help and support. Don’t stop what you are dong."
- Kayla H., 8th grade, Whittier, CA

"All of the techniques I liked. Now, after this class, I look forward to reading. No one will tease me about how long it will take me to finish a book."
- N. Schreiner, Accountant, REA & Associates

"Your work is truly amazing and I would recommend this course to anyone that was struggling the way I was. You taught me a whole new way of reading. This course taught me skills that I will use for the rest of my life. I cannot thank you enough."
- Shannan Case, University of Memphis

"The course is very helpful, not only in speed reading but studying and learning techniques."
- N. Heiser, Sales Rep., OMR Concrete

"Bonnie I would like to thank you for a great class. We flew in from Albuquerque on a snowy, cold weekend and had an intensive round of lessons in speed reading. We had scheduled representatives from our company for your condensed course. It is very hard to teach people in a matter of days what is normally taught in weeks, but you did. We all gained a lot. Most were amazed when their reading speed went up, yet what was more amazing was the comprehension went through the roof. I am now looking at scheduling my grandchildren a trip to see Bonnie."
- Fred M., Real Estate Services, New Mexico

"I found that the class really helped to both break down those barriers and old habits, and build new techniques plus a sense of trust in the process."
- G. Burton; Filmmaker, Five Sisters Productions

"Although initially I was somewhat reserved about changing my meticulous ways of reading and taking notes, I am very glad that I listened to you. I have discovered that just in these three days I have matured mentally and as a result of the techniques I’ve learned to master in this class, I have become an even better student and a more efficient reader. Thank you and I’ll keep you posted about my progress!"
- Dominique M., Columbus School for Girls

"I was pleasantly surprised to increase to over 1000 words per minute. I know I will be able to read for school, job and personal interest more. I thank you Bonnie, for believing in me."
- J. Hazelwood, Instructor, Eastland Career Center

"Thank you so much for the great course. After you helped me I was able to read a history assignment in 5 minutes! I am looking forward to being able to read all my assignments much quicker. I’m still amazed at how fast I can read."
- Connor F., student Kalamazoo, MI

"The note taking method will be really helpful for me in the future. This will help keep reading time down and study time up. Thanks!"
- J. Graves, Nursing Student, Columbus State College

"It was very informative and helpful. Bonnie was cheerful and enthusiastic the whole time. I will be able to do more efficient reading."
- L. Mirafzali, Biology Student, Brown University

"Very useful skill to learn--this will help me get through it all [reading material] quicker and more efficiently."
- C. Yamamoto, CPA/Owner, Moto Accounting and Consulting

"The facts are indisputable, it is possible to read faster and understand material well. The new note taking techniques make remembering and processing information much easier. I am very glad I took this course."
- R. Sayed, Economics Student, The Ohio State University

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