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Testimonials from Our Public Classes

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart for teaching me your speed reading techniques. I could not have made it through this past year of graduate school without them. We regularly read 300-500 pages each week of dense materials about government. I would have drowned had it not been for your amazing program. Thank you!"
- Niels Hansen, Graduate student

"A card a family gave me on last day of class:"The three of us really enjoyed learning how to speed read. These skills will definitely come in handy for the many years ahead. Thanks for all the valuable information!""
- Joy, Elizabeth, Noah and parents

"Great class! Definitely worth time spent. Great learning environment with 1 on 1 teaching along the way. Material is challenging (mainly because it involves breaking old reading/comprehension habits) but so glad I got the opportunity to improve. Thanks again!"
- Noah P.

"A card a family gave me on last day of class:"The three of us really enjoyed learning how to speed read. These skills will definitely come in handy for the many years ahead. Thanks for all the valuable information!"
- Joy, Elizabeth, Noah and parents

"I am glad that you are still envisioned to equip young and not so young be the best they can be! My son Stevie scored 2 points higher on the ACT and also got into Medical School! He believes his experience with your program and the tools that you have stared with us has helped him on his journey. He is not alone. I know when I review your tools and revive my good reading habits that my speed and comprehension increases!"

"This course improved my speed and comprehension. The techniques taught were specific to the class and well taught. Thank you for having so much passion for the class"
- Melinda S., CPA

"I came reluctantly to this class, but Bonnie made it fun and enjoyable. I came out a much better reader."
- Bryce M., Olentangy Liberty HS

"I absolutely loved this course. I really struggled on the reading section of the ACT and for the first time I finished with time remaining. Thank you so much. Bonnie, you are a miracle worker! "
- Taka E., Dubin Jerome

"I was gong to let my daughter tell you this but I can't wait! The only prep she did between the first time she took the Act and the ACT she took in December was your class. She went from a 21 in reading to a 29. That says volumes about what your class did for her. She was literally screaming when she got her score. I had to run into her room because I thought something was wrong! Kudos to Advanced Reading Concepts on a job well done." "
- RM, a HS junior

"This class was amazing! Bonnie James was an amazing teacher and for the progress was made I thank her."
- Arthur George Hurst III

"I had an amazing experience here at the Advanced Reading Concepts. I was able to apply prior knowledge from the introduction class. This class was very informative and I now feel confident in my reading and comprehension skills. I also feel well prepared to take further tests and take effective notes in future classes. This class is great and I will be recommending it to my peers for reading, note taking and much more. Thank you. Thank you!"
- Daneen H.

"This is fantastic! The layering process is wonderful for comprehension. The airlplane and traverse techniques have already increased my speed, comprehension, and have helped prevent boredom. Looking for WIIFMs makes material more interesting. The note-taking patterns--especially the linear recall patterns--are going to be a great aid not only for mastering content, but also for organizing information for proposals, papers, and articles that I have to write. My reading speed increased more than I thought possible, and I'm incredibly pleased with my comprehension."
- Ashley E.

"This is a class I have wanted to take for several years and have never made the time. I believe it is critically important to anyone that is a student or an executive, as we are inundated with more information and data than ever before. Having the skills to quickly go through information will enable me to learn more, as a result further increasing my knowledge base. The weekend course provided me with a solid foundation on which I can continue to practice and build my skills. Attending a live course was important to me as I wanted to be sure I learned the process correctly so as not to form unproductive habits. It was well worth my trip from Kansas, and I know I will use what I've learned for the rest of my life!"
- Miranda A., CEO

"If I wouldn't have taken this class, I would have struggled with reading the rest of my career."
- Megan L., Miami East High School

"Very helpful, like spring cleaning, decluttered/altered way of thinking to allow me to think differently."
- Jane K., seminar student

"I doubled my reading speed and increased comprehension which amazed me for this short seminar. What results!"
- Jennifer M., seminar student

"This was awesome. I really didn't believe I could do better. I'm so glad. I will use "flowing" and work at not regressing."
- Barb W., Seminar Student

"Feel encouraged now to tackle unread books stacked on the shelf at home (not my books though). The course has instilled more confidence with my reading technique--has given me the direction. Up to me how to keep on with it. I'm glad I took the course. Thought it was tough--but being a single person seldom had to be pushed to get the job done."
- Matthew W.

"This course is the best course that I have taken. I have learned skills in one weekend that will enhance my life forever. All the techniques that I learned will be used on a regular basis. I'll be able to do more reading for pleasure, business and learning in a much shorter time frame and be able to take notes that make sense and are useful."
- Thea B.

"Exiting, fast-paced, definitely not boring. A banquet of food for thought."
- James C., Seminar Student

"Very informative. The couple of techniques I learned at the intro class alone increased my speed in a short amount of time."
- Doug A.

"Really great info! I especially liked all the new ways to think about reading (big picture, airplane view) and will be using the over-the-line tip starting today!"
- Lauren R.

"Bonnie is a fabulous instructor. I would recommend anyone who is interested in improving his or her reading skills to take this class. I came into the class I felt with a very low reading speed and minimal other reading skills and techniques, but, when I left, my reading speed and skills improved tremendously and were more than I could have imagined. The technique I felt that helped me the most was scanning the charts as rapidly as I could. All in all, it was a great class."
- Melvin G.,

"I thought it was very helpful. Not only does it improve your speed while reading, but it helps you to learn what things to look for too. Above the line reading was most helpful to me."
- Mike G., Kent State

"It was subliminal learning. Bonnie's presentation of the material made it second natural, not like having to retain anything major! Wonderful class!"
- Judy F., Telhio Credit Union

"I am very glad I took this class. I have learned many valuable skills to get me through not only high school but the rest of life. The zig-zag technique has helped a ton, and hopefully I will have more free time to read for fun! I highly recommend this course."
- Faith M., Dublin Jerome High School

"I came because my son had taken the class, and it has helped him significantly in college. I am very happy that I did, and I am able to quickly see how this will help me in both my professional and personal life."
- Scott M., Boehringer Ingelheim

"In a short amount of time I more than doubled my WPM. Bonnie was an amazing instructor who used a variety of techniques to help us learn--and make it an interesting course! What I learned will "stick." Thank you!"
- Lori J.

"This intro course was enlightening."
- Alice A., Chemical Abstracts

"I loved this class! I think the idea of moving your pencil along the side and reading in phrases not word by word will help me out a ton."
- Nate S., Coffman HS seminar student

"This introductory lesson has completely changed the way I think about reading."
- Adam P.

"Excellent class from an excellent teacher."
- Jason L., Seminar Student

"Yes, I will be able to do more reading and will be able to comprehend and understand what was read. Yes, you may use me as a reference. I didn't think I could do this, but I did it. Thank you, Bonnie."
- Candice H.

"I wish I had the course 15 years ago. It is a life changer."
- Mohammad M., physician

"When I came into this course, I was skeptical at first. My words per minute increased by over 100 and my comprehension has doubled. 10/10 I would recommend this course to someone else."
- Sudeep G., Introductory Seminar Student

"I just wanted to let you know that Logan improved his ACT score by 2 points in the English/Reading Category. Just from the 2 hour into course. He is looking forward to taking the extended course this summer. "
- Danielle H.

"Going into the class I was a little skeptical, but once the class began I realized that I was capable of much more than I though I was. I now can read with ease and know how to better improve my studying and test-taking habits. My results show how successful the class is and I strongly encourage others to take it especially if a person is in high school."
- Ellie K., Bishop Watterson High School

"I like that Bonnie tailors the class for what the students are involved in like school or work. I like Bonnie's enthusiasm and passion for teaching."
- Tammy L.

"I can't wait to keep practicing the eye charts and exercising my eyes to read more, and, yes, I would be glad to be a reference!"
- Indica M.

"I am so very grateful to finally be able to take this course! It is all very helpful, especially helping with study skills, note taking, organizing material and efficiency! I will definitely for the first time ever feel free to read at my leisure and look forward to it knowing I will be more involved and efficient in doing so! The 8 year wait to take this has been worth it! Found your company 8 years ago and knew this would help immensely--now in grad school. Thank you for your special attention to my custom study needs. Thank you forever!"
- Siobhan C.

"I truly enjoyed the class and learned a lot. I believe these skills will only enhance my ability to further my education. I believe the material was presented at a great pace and with an excellent structure. It is an honor and a pleasure to call Bonnie my teacher."
- Todd D.

"I thought this course was very helpful for both personal and professional reading. The most important part is practicing what I have learned to become better. This course is not just about reading. It can be used to help organize thoughts effectively."
- Ben S.

"Great course that addressed my primary concern with reading, confidence in my ability to comprehend. Before my mind would wander, but with ARC's applied concepts I know that in the future I will be a more active/engaged reader. The recall pattern is a great template for my position in sales and a great way to organize information."
- Eric M., Sales

"Such a wonderful way to spend my weekend. Learning to trust my ability to recall from sub-conscious will take time, but I believe it works. It will help my work productivity as well as reading more in general."
- Michelle W., Grandview Chamber of Commerce

"You are an excellent teacher with your use of adult learning concepts. Your content was also very helpful--more than just techniques to improve reading efficiency! I'm going to trust myself more and allow my subconscious mind to work with my conscious mind. Thank you so much, Bonnie!"
- Nehal P., professor

"I almost thought this would be stupid and a waste of time. To improve 917% reading speed is so far out, it almost loses context. Nevertheless, that's what happened, and I forsee college becoming exponentially easier from here on out. This was a fantastic course, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to bend reality."
- Will A., college student

"Approach to reading was very creative and organized. Will allow me to read more with greater comprehension, but, more importantly, I am better able to understand WIIFM!"
- Paul S.

"Thank you very much. The techniques learned here will forever change the way I approach reading/studying! I am so happy to have these various tools to use as I move into my career and graduate courses and even reached my beyond my goal of 2,400 wpm!! Still learning to trust myself and let it become a habit, but I believe that will come in due time. Thanks again!"
- Sean R.

"I thought the course was very good. Takeaways were many and opportunity to use radial/slash/linear recall seem endless. The reading techniques had significant impact on my wpm reading. This all should be very beneficial to my career, as well make personal/pleasure reading more efficient. Baxter was a good host and quite personable. Thank you for everything"
- Jeff P.

"I found the ARC class to be very valuable, and I'm looking forward to applying the techniques learned here in work and on my dissertation. There is a lot of good content and more than just reading faster. The linear recall will be particularly valuable. I'm excited that I hit 7x faster reading, and my new "slow" rate is still 150% faster than 2 nights ago."
- Clarke C.

"It was more than just speed reading. It was a course that helped with techniques and very helpful ways to do many things besides reading. As a student in a masters program, this will help me tremendously in my research and in my studies, especially since there are enormous amounts of "boring" reading to do. As a teacher I can use some of the techniques in my lessons also. I love to read for enjoyment, and this was a wonderful tool for me to use."
- Mary A.

"Taking this class has opened my eyes to a new way of reading and trusting my subconscious. I will definitely use this skill more often. The zig-zag technique will be most useful to me when reading all my long texts in college."
- Connor S.

"I wish I would have taken this course 20 years ago. I am very pleased to know some of the techniques I was using were correct; however, I will now be able to save a lot of time.The zig zag and the time management skills will be most applicable to my practice. It's nice to know there are different sets of skills or techniques depending on the type of reading you want to do."
- Lindsay D.

"I feel I learned a lot about speeding up my rate, trusting myself, and letting go of perfectionist reading. I love the above-the-line trick--that was an immediate improvement."
- Eva S., teacher

"I am amazed by how easily and quickly the details fill in when the big picture and purpose are secure. I will no longer be intimidated by reference materials that stack up."
- Jennie M., teacher

"I really enjoyed this class. I am absolutely a faster reader because of this course--and not only that, but I'm a better reader. I absolutely plan on using the skills and techniques I've learned in the future."
- Maggie K, teacher

"Although I have spent over 50 years reading, I feel like I've just learned to "read to comprehend." I will go home and put this to good use tonight."
- Jill Rudler

"I feel much better about my ability to read, study, and prepare for class now that I have taken this course."
- Eric S., The Ohio State University

"The size of the class was great. I was ready for a large class without individual instruction like Bonnie was able to do. The methods and testing were very well done and kept things very interesting."
- Roger L., Technology Manager, The Longaberger Company

"My new skills will allow me to study more efficiently and with more confidence. Bonnie was a great instructor."
- Scott C., Wittenberg University

"This course has given me the ability to read at an unbelievable pace. The comprehension increase was most shocking to me for I was a person that had to read 2-3 times on everything. I can now read so many of the books and information pieces that I’ve been wanting to for along time."
- Joseph Z., Sr. Loan Officer, Heartland Home Finance

"This is a great course! You have such a great understanding of what it takes to be a speedreader and you explain it well. You offer great techniques that can be applied immediately. I will definitely use this in grad school."
- Erin M., Harvard University

"I would just like to thank you again for revolutionizing my reading habits and skills. It really cuts my work time in half…everything is so clear now and easier than before. Thank you so very much for your kindness and help."
- Ryan P.

"The class made me realize there are many ways to read...I will be able to read more and be more effective by choosing which way I want to read."
- Yossy Z., COO, Scitex Digital Printing

"This class is a great investment. I have achieved so much that I am amazing myself. I would have never thought that I would ever read this fast and comprehend this well at the same time. I would recommend this class to anybody of any age. Bonnie is very energetic and never allows a dull moment in class."
- Andrew M., Miami University

"I have a better understanding of my choices to read. It was worth my time and travel. I know I will increase my ability. I chose the right time as this course is helping me with my post graduate studies. Thank you, I have learned another way to make my life easier and productive."
- Shalyce J., MBA Program, Antioch

"This is an excellent, well managed, well taught course that opened up my interest in reading. The material is very well organized and Bonnie James was able to articulate very well and give personal attention. I would recommend this course for anyone without any reservation."
- Ram A., Sr. Principal, Oracle Corp.

"The Advanced Reading Concepts speedreading course made a believer out of me. The course will prove to be invaluable."
- Terri D., Business Owner, Dusseau, LTD.

"Bonnie you are an excellent teacher and very knowledgeable in content. I am proud of myself for going on with my wish…to attend a speedreading class."
- Mary L.

"Over this week, I’ve learned so much. So many of these techniques will help me next year. The one thing that has surprised me most is that I now enjoy reading before I got to bed rather than listening to music like I have for the past 10 years or so."
- Steven F., Butler University

"Course was definitely of benefit--will use it especially with school--studying reports, etc. Being a "visual" reader has helped me increase both my speed and comprehension of anything I read. I have learned that I can comprehend and retain something in as little as 40 seconds--so I don’t have to keep putting things off until I have a large chunk of time. Follow-up quote from Christine--10 Months Later: This course was extremely helpful and recommend it to anyone- whether you are a student, business person, or just trying to keep ahead of the e-mails and journals you never seem to have time for! You're still helping me to increase my GPA and keep my sanity!"
- Christine R. R., Veterinary Medicine Student, The Ohio State University

"It’s good to know that this is not magic but a skill using a lot of techniques."
- Dan L., President, Performance Site Management

"I loved it! One of the best experiences in a classroom. Love the above the line technique and the curve down a wide page."
- Byron H., Thomas Worthington HS

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