At first I was unsure of this class, but now I see why my mom made me take it.
Megan L., Kilbourne HS

Although at times this concept seemed impossible, I ended up increasing my speed an incredible amount while keeping my comprehension the same. The note taking techniques were extremely helpful as well as the hints about how to become the best reader I can be.- Kim Van C., UAHS

At first I didnít like it because it was hard for me to change my reading habits. I really enjoyed it. Iíve read 7 books in one week (including school.)
Thanks for helping me read fasteróI had a blast!

- Jasmine S., New Albany HS

I think I have benefited greatly form this class. I think the techniques on how to read novels quicker will help me the most, but all information will be useful. I will be able to read faster and keep from getting bored.
Greg H., Canal Winchester HS.

I think this course will be a big help once school starts. I need to read a lot for my classes and I used to not get any sleep Ė now I will!
-Maria G., Upper Arlington High School student

I can honestly say that this is the best course and decision I have ever made. I feel so confident about my reading skills now. It is unbelievable how I can improve this much . I think itís great how I can now read and comprehend books so fast that I donít have time to think about anything else I will use this everyday , now and forever! This is how important reading is to everyone.
- Ryan P. , Westerville North HS

This has been the best learning course ever.  The outcome far exceeds the time and money invested.  Every aspect of this course will help me out greatly for my life-time learning.  Iíll definitely do more reading now because I know ďhow to readĒ depending on the subject and material.  Bonnie, I donít know how you can even improve the course.  Youíre flexible, you know when to modify your plan according to the class needs and even de if fun and interesting.  My only wish is that the schools would teach a course like this early in the leaning career of student when appropriate. 
- Young-Mi P., student


I increased my ACT reading score by 6 points and I will probably get a scholarship. - Kelly D., Student

For me, learning how to read faster in general was most important. Speed reading allows me to have more free time and it allows me to go back to the book and pinpoint points I need more help with. Speed reading also letís me understand reading material better, because I can now efficiently budget my time. - Mike B., Bexley HS

 I feel that it was worth it to come all the way from Illinois to Columbus! This class was more than just a reading courseÖa self-discovery and esteem boosting course!
- Alyse A., student

I really enjoyed this class. Speedreading is very helpful and I enjoyed seeing my speed increase as well as my comprehension. Thank you. - Tarah K., 10th grade,
Worthington Christian H.S.

I really enjoyed this speedreading class. Not only did I greatly improve my speed, I also had fun. The vertical technique was my favorite technique. Now, I will want to do a lot more reading , because it will be much easier.
- Graham R., 8th grade,
Pickerington Ridgeview JH

I think this is a very worthwhile class and I learned a great deal from it. I think it has helped me prepare myself for the extra reading in college. Thank you.
Nick S., OSU

My honest opinion is it has been worth it. I think the technique that will help me the most is looking for the things in a text book. I believe that will save me a lot of time.
Ben L., Kilbourne HS, Dublin , OH

I am reading much faster and I am comprehending better. This skill will help me through out my life.
Ashleigh I., Otterbein College

I think this course will be very helpful for me in high school with required reading. The technique that I will use most is the technical recall pattern and layering process. With speedreading I will be able to read required things faster and be able to read things I want to read.- Clare W., 9th grade, Columbus Alternative HS

It was fun and I learned a lot. You can read a lot faster at the end. It seems impossible at the beginning, but everybody can do it.
- Andy E., 7th grade, Columbus Academy

I felt the speed reading courses helped me a lot. This will help me tremendously in my school work and in anything else.
Evan P., UAHS

 Through this courses, I got practice with reading comprehension. But more importantly, I learned new ways for note taking and some reading techniques that help me read faster and use my time more efficiently.
Lindsey P.. UAHS student and soccer player

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